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We work with transfer students to help them make the transition to another college or university as smooth as possible. We understand that transfer students can get more frustrated than freshmen since it is of utmost importance to them that college courses they already completed be transferred correctly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Often times transfer students find themselves having to repeat the same courses already taken at their previous college or university.

To ease our clients’ frustration we take a holistic approach. That means we counsel them about appropriate courses which are likely to be transferred. Our approach is based upon many years of professional experience in enrollment management and counseling a diverse student population that included transfer students. Based upon our solid knowledge of the higher education environment, it is our belief that a transfer student should not have to pay again for a course already taken if she or he follows our advice.

We cannot guarantee that courses taken prior to working with us will transfer. However, our goal is to ensure that all courses taken after a transfer student retains the services of Louis Educational Consulting get transferred correctly. We are confident that our strategy will work seamlessly if our client follows our guidance.


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