Student Athletes

Are you playing sports in high school and wish to keep playing in college? Our program supports student athletes to meet NCAA guidelines while finding the perfect academic institution to study. We acknowledge that student athletes are a special group because of the personal talents they bring to a campus. Our services are tailored to fit each student athlete’s abilities or personal talent as well as his/her academic needs.

We work closely with our clients to maintain a balance between academics and athletics to optimize a student’s chance to succeed in college. Our approach is simple. We keep the student focused on the important things such as meeting deadlines, filling out applications, applying for scholarships and more.

Keeping track of all crucial deadlines is what we do to create a stress-free environment for our student athletes and their families. From prior professional experience in college enrollment management we know that missing a deadline can have a great impact on an athlete’s eligibility to compete, or receive scholarships and other funding.


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