College Application Essay

College application essays require skills that can be learned and improved upon.

We take a “no non-sense” approach working diligently with students to ensure that they write coherent, well thought out essays which reflect their personal voice. From having worked in college enrollment for many years we know first hand that the ability to write a compelling essay story significantly increases a student’s acceptance chances to a college or university.

We bring a solid understanding of what it takes for a student to write at college level and we emphasize the required skills.

We are well aware that a student’s inability to write an essay that shows good style and management of the English language can have a negative impact on his/her acceptance to a college or university.

Being able to write well at college level also prepares a student for future success when writing college essays as well as term papers. It is a known fact that high school students must prepare themselves for college which includes mastering the skill of writing.

Therefore, we not only coach and guide our students to write for acceptance; we also push their boundaries and help them think beyond writing “just for school”.

We believe that at that level a student should write critically and logically as a way to focus on the challenges ahead.

College application essay assistance will prove invaluable when applying to the college of your choice.


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