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Louis Educational Consulting supports families across borders as clients hire our services from many parts of the world. The Founder and President Jean Louis, MSEd, MPA, CEP, initially created this business in order to help families in the US cope with the angst of the college admissions process. However, he did not anticipate that this firm would provide support to students and their families outside the USA.  Recently, Mr. Louis opened a new office in Europe, specifically in Zürich, Switzerland.

Mr. Louis is a committed professional who has been working in the field of education for almost twenty years. Before being in private educational consulting, Mr. Louis spent almost a decade working various roles in higher education most exclusively in students’ services, commonly known as enrollment management. During his tenure as a college administrator, he saw the struggle families went through without assistance with the college admissions process. In his interactions with families, many parents felt overwhelmed due to the complexity of the process. Below is Mr. Louis’ reflection about his personal experiences in the field.

College Admissions Assistance has become the focus of my career.

“While working in the field of higher education for almost a decade, I saw the struggle families go through without the college admissions assistance process. Many parents felt overwhelmed due to the complexity of the process…”

“As a result, 1 in 5 high school students or 20% delay going to college due to inadequate admissions counseling. In the US, the large ratio of students to college admissions advisers unfortunately results in insufficient counseling. Therefore, a lack of proper counseling coupled with the complexity of the college admission process makes my job more relevant. Hence, as an independent educational counselor my goal is to help fill that gap and assist students in the quest of their dreams…”

Having experienced the entire college academic process from admission to enrollment, retention and graduation, I know firsthand the uniqueness that makes a college the right fit for a student. Throughout my years working closely with students, I learned to identify intrinsic characteristics such as the ability to become a skilled scientist or an ability to develop complex strategies that help one understand politics or social issues, among others.

Based on my interaction with students and parents alike during my years as a college administrator, I am able to determine how and which skills can make a student the best candidate for an institution of higher learning by assessing a student’s strengths and matching those with the right College or University.

My purpose in providing college admissions assistance stems from my profound conviction that with the proper guidance, every student can vastly improve his/her opportunities for a brighter future in a field that will be both stimulating and highly rewarding.

Every person has the right to pursue happiness in life, what a better way to do so than by finding the ideal school and the best possible career.

Our company offers college admissions assistance services that will put you on a direct path to success.


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