College Tour Guidance

College tour guidance will help students in  getting a more realistic feeling about the schools they are  considering.

We are more than happy to accompany our students and families to visit colleges with them (upon request). Louis Educational Consulting makes it a priority to prepare our students and parents alike on how to approach the college visiting process and how to make it informative and fun rather than cumbersome. As a rule of thumb we recommend to visit a campus on a weekend, thus avoiding disruption of your own busy week schedule, and especially to reduce costs when traveling out of state.

As we spend a great deal of time talking and communicating with our clients, it comes naturally that we become aware of their concerns. We guide them to identify certain issues at a college or university campus relevant specifically to them (such as fraternities, sororities, coaches and others), and can set up an interview if it is a required portion of their admittance process.

College Tour Guidance is a service well worth the cost.

Our in-depth knowledge of the college admissions process helps us to understand that the college environment also plays a key role and may contribute to a student’s success on campus. Therefore, we coach our students and parents on which questions to ask, how to identify a friendly environment which will fit our clients’ personal as well as their academic needs.

College Tour Guidance is one of the many services Louis Educational Consulting offers students and their families.

Visiting prospect colleges with the assistance of a trained educational consultant will enhance your experience and put to rest questions that may otherwise  go unanswered.

Details such as room and board, the kind of facilities available etc. become very clear during a College Tour, therefore it is highly recommended  when narrowing the field of prospective institutions. Helpful Information…

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