Students With Learning Disabilities

As diversity is growing in higher education, Colleges are looking for various ways to increase diversity on their campuses.  Thus, many of them do consider a student with learning disability as a form of diversity. Colleges will often look at an applicant’s grades and test scores in a new light if presented with fact based evidence of a learning disability.

Colleges made the switch to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  ADA requires U.S. educational institutions at all levels, public and private, to provide equal access to their programs, services, and facilities to students, employees, and members of the public, regardless of disability. To ensure accessibility, they must follow specific requirements for new construction, alterations or renovations, academic programs, and institutional policies, practices, and procedures.

As a disabled student, you have the right to request and expect accommodations, including auxiliary aids and services that will enable you to participate in and benefit from all programs and activities offered by or related to a school.  While many institutions are improving and continue to adjust their policies to service this group of students, unfortunately some institutions are not fully equipped to help students with a more severe disability.

Of course, a learning disability may help put lower grades and class rankings or test scores like the SAT or ACT in a different context.  Thus, it is imperative to deeply investigate schools’ services and accommodations for disabled students during the college admissions process, along with their college admission requirements.

That’s where Louis Educational Consulting comes in.  We understand the type of stress it brings on a student if the right academic as well as other supports are not being provided or inadequate.  We carefully research the college or university our client with learning differences will receive at the college being accepted into.

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